Realty & Mortgage Co. has syndicated many projects in the Chicagoland area and has typically focused its attention in this area on assets priced between $1 and $10 million. Our acquisitions include apartment buildings, retail centers, industrial buildings and mixed use properties.

Realty & Mortgage Co. is able to leverage its experience in operations and rehabilitation when underwriting and performing due diligence functions. Our in house maintenance, leasing and management staffs are called upon to look at every deal, and their observations and comments are invaluable to our final analysis.

Equity for each of our deals is raised primarily through individual investors looking to expand their real estate holdings or diversify stock and bond portfolios. Many are existing management clients who have invested with us for 30 or more years.

If you would like to submit a project for us to take a look at, or are interested in investing in one of our projects, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss at your convenience.

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