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Asset/Property Management

Realty & Mortgage Co offers premier rental property management in the Chicago area, providing our exclusive services to make renting a property easier for you.

We believe in taking a holistic view, combining our approach to cover every aspect of asset management and creating a comprehensive plan that looks after both your property and the tenants alike.

As well as making sure the building is clean, safe and maintained to the highest possible standards, we can also help with financial reporting, accountancy and performance monitoring of your property investment too.

The market-leading reputation of Realty and Mortgage has been built on our property management of Chicago apartments and this remains our primary focus. We offer comprehensive services which cover any kind of market rate real estate as well as those covered by alternative financing including City of Chicago Housing programs, HUD and IHDA.

Our clients include landlords with all types and size of property, from rental apartments through to more complex housing developments. We have the industry expertise and know-how to take care of the most demanding aspects of property management, taking the pain out of the process for you.

The Realty and Mortgage approach is completely client-centric, putting you at the center of our services. As experienced property managers with many years in the industry, we instinctively understand what our clients need. We make your business our priority and dedicate our time to looking after not just your tenants, but also your finances, your income and your real estate asset. We will monitor every aspect from top to bottom, protecting your business and identifying the most lucrative sales opportunities to market your rental property.

We are very different to the other companies in the industry because of our unique approach and resources we have at our disposal. We have access to tools which are exclusive to us, giving Realty and Mortgage the competitive edge that other property management firms simply can’t match.

We understand what it takes running a rental business in Chicago and ensure that we always adhere to market standards and guidelines.

In addition to the day to day operation, we know that accountability and financial reporting are key to success. Our highly qualified and skilled accounts department have an established system of checks and balances, ensuring that there’s a consistent and professional approach at all times.

Realty and Mortgage will exceed your expectations in every way; get in touch with us today and find out how our premier property management services could help you.


Not all buildings are ready to go to market in their current condition, so when we are modernizing and reviving a property we have two main aims: improved marketability and added value. Using a structured plan for redevelopment, we create a competitive edge for all our projects by the time they’re completed. Whatever market the property is geared towards, we can help to ensure they generate the maximum possible financial return.

Our sympathetic yet cutting edge approach to restoration means we preserve the very best parts of any Chicago apartment, accentuating historic landmark features. These existing elements are factored into the plans for the intended new use, creating an architectural masterpiece which doesn’t compromise the integrity of the original design.

Property renovation is a complex area, requiring the knowledge and expertise to navigate a range of potential issues including financial, governmental and physical barriers. Working alongside the individual budget and timeline requirements of each project, Realty & Mortgage Co has been formally recognized for persistent excellence in delivery by the Richard H Driehaus Foundation and the Chicago Association of Realtors.


The Chicagoland area is where Realty & Mortgage Co has completed the majority of its syndicated projects, with the primary focus on assets valued between $1-10 million. Previous acquisitions including a variety of property types including retail centers, industrial buildings, apartments and properties designed for mixed use.

With extensive experience in both rehabilitation and operations, Realty & Mortgage Co is able to ensure the due diligence and underwriting functions are carried out to the highest possible standard. With in-house leasing, management and maintenance experts involved in every deal, we are able to offer expert analysis on every aspect.

The equity required for the deals we make are raised primarily via individual investors. A number of these are long-term management clients who have been investing with us for three decades or more and are seeking to expand their holdings, or diversify their portfolios in stock and bonds.

We always welcome new projects and new investors, so if you have a property of interest or want to learn more about investing, please just get in touch.


Realty & Mortgage Co offer exclusive brokering experience, having a successful track history of deals ranging from $600,000 to $45 million. These past projects include a variety of property types such as retail centers, mixed use buildings and apartments and typically based in the City of Chicago.

Our knowledge of the Chicago apartment property market is unparalleled in the industry and has been built up over the last century. Operating for more than 100 years allows us to use this extensive experience in every brokerage assignment, delivering expertise that can’t be matched.

Keeping a database of potential property purchasers together with access to property and pricing allows us to make sure that our clients get the best price in the shortest possible time.

All of our marketing is custom made for the project and includes a comprehensive brochure. We deliver superior results by ensuring that every property achieves full exposure to the market, with every channel of advertising utilized to its fullest. This could include telephone calls, emails plus direct mailings.

Getting an offer is just a small part of the process and here at Realty & Mortgage Co we follow every project through to closure. This is achieved by monitoring the process of due diligence closely, negotiating with lenders, scheduling tours of the property, liaising with appraisers and tracking the progress being made with both party’s legal counsel.


Properties which aren’t performing present a real challenge to everyone involved in the process, including managers, lenders and owners. There could be several reasons for the lack of performance such as poor cash flow, extended vacancies, substandard physical condition and legal issues. These types of problems are often seen in real estate which has either been foreclosed, or are heading that way.

As a court appointed receiver, we have extensive experience with many of these challenges. Our particular knowledge and expertise positions us perfectly to assess the physical features of any property and take steps to improve the physical and finances of each one as they advance through the foreclosure process. For these types of projects, our primary goals are the provision of a safe environment, continuing operations and providing detailed reports to the court.

Similar services are also provided to REO departments but in addition, we also work alongside them to take measures which will allow the property to be re-positioned in the market. These measures could include redevelopment plans, re-branding a community, overcoming code violations or completely changing the marketing. Our primary end objective is to maximize the value of each property, and in doing so, return it to profitability.