Non-performing properties provide unique challenges to their owners, lenders and managers. Vacancy, lack of cash flow, poor physical condition, and legal issues are a few of the many concerns that affect real estate properties headed toward or which are already in the foreclosure process.

As a court appointed receiver, we are uniquely positioned to assess the physical condition of any property, and implement procedures to maintain the physical and financial operations of properties as they proceed through foreclosure. Continuity of operations, maintaining a safe environment and providing comprehensive reports to the court are our primary objectives.

We provide the same services to REO departments and will also work closely with them to implement programs designed to reposition a property in the marketplace. These programs may include substantial plans for redevelopment, renaming a community, resolving code violations, and completely overhauling marketing programs. Our end goal is to maximize each property’s value thereby facilitating a smooth disposition and maximum financial return to ownership.

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